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About the project
AllNewsManager.NET is a news/article management system. A free .NET User Control for ASP.NET sites. Written in C# ASP.NET, AllNewsManager runs on Windows web server with ASP.NET 3.5 / IIS7 or higher and SQL Server.
May I remove the copyright from the source code? No.
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Feature list
Version 1.5
License Ms-RL
Cost Free
Server Requirements Windows Web Server with ASP.NET 3.5 / IIS7 or higher
Data Storage MS SQL Server
Multiple authors Yes
Comments Yes
Comment moderation Yes
Comment editor BBcode editor
Categories Multiple
Subcategories Yes
Tags Yes
Page navigation Yes
Comment RSS Yes
"Rich Text Editor" Yes. CKEditor
Articles Moderation Yes. Every article can be approved by an admin.
Search articles Yes
Highlight articles Yes
HomePage SlideShow Yes
Related Content Yes
Related articles Yes
Web based administration Yes
User administration Yes
Password recovery Yes
Localization Yes (not in dnn module)
Page generation time Yes
Image copyright Yes (optional). Write your Site name on uploaded images
Online Users Yes (optional)
Avatars Yes
"Contact us" page Yes
Latest news and comments Yes
Captcha Yes
Themes Yes (custom css file can be uploaded)
Quick and easy installation Yes
User control Yes, easy integration in any custom page of your web site.
ASP.NET Membership integration Yes, you can integrate AllNewsManager.NET in your existing web site.
XHTML 1.0 Transitional Yes
Valid CSS 2.1 Yes
Multiple Web Browser support Yes. Tested on latest version of IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari.
Technologies used C#, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, Jquery, T-SQL
User Community CodePlex


AllNewsManager.NET installation
Web Server: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows Server 2003/2008 with ASP.NET 3.5 or newer and IIS 7.0 or newer
Database Server: SQL Server 2005/2008

Check you have the host name and credentials with DBO access to the database.

Create a folder on the Web Server (for example: c:\Anm). IIS has to have Full Control permissions. On the Security tab check that the appropriate account has Full Control permissions to the folder (for Windows XP is the ASPNET account and for other Windows editions is the NETWORK SERVICE account).

Download the INSTALL package (the zip file) from the Download page on AllNewsManager.NET. Extract the contents of the ZIP file to your folder (C:\Anm).

Now you need to configure AllNewsManager so it can connect to your database. Open C:\Anm\web.config with Notepad and set the correct connection string (find in web.config connectionStrings).

If you are using SQLExpress:
<add name="anmcs" connectionString="Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=dbname;Integrated Security=True" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient"/>
If you are using SqlServer:
<add name="anmcs" connectionString="Server=servername;Database=dbname;uid=dbpsw;pwd=dbpsw;" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient"/>

Launch the IIS Management Console (Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools). Create a new Virtual Directory named “anm” pointing to the C:\Anm folder (you can choose to name your Virtual Directory something else).

The final step is to launch the AllNewsManager wizard. Launch your preferred web browser and navigate to http://localhost/Anm/install.aspx (adjust the URL if you named the Virtual Directory in a different way).

Upgrade to v1.5.5:
Make a Backup of your site.

Unzip Open web.config: change connectionStrings and your mailSettings (you can copy it from the old web.config).

Delete all files in bin folder and Copy all the unzipped files into your site directory.

Launch your preferred web browser and navigate to http://localhost/Anm/install.aspx (adjust the URL if you named the Virtual Directory in a different way). Click the button to upgrade.
Dnn module installation
Download the zip file, then login on your dnn site as host and go to "Module Definitions". Click "Install Module", browse your files and select AllNewsManager.NET_Anm_01.05.55_Install

User's Guide



The title of the article! It will be on top of the article.


The author name is set by default to the user that is logged in.


The current date and time when you send an article.

Upload image (optional)

You can upload a new image or select one from the dropdown (it contains the list of all the uploaded images). The image will be shown to the right of the article. If not entered, no image will be viewed.


Select a category from a dropdown menu. You can add a new category from another section of the administration page.

Summary (optional)

A summary of the article, it will be shown on the main page. Clicking on "Read full article", you can read all the content.
If not entered, the full article will be shown on the main page.


The complete article.


- Allow Comments
If the check box is checked, the site users can insert comments.

- View posted by
If checked, the author name will be shown in the article.

- Highlight
If the check box is checked, the article will be shown on the top of the main page.

- Set as a Side News
If checked, the article will be on the sidebar.

- Insert in the HomePage SlideShow
If checked, the article will be shown in the homepage slideshow.

- Tags (optional)
All the tags related to an article.


- Number of articles
The number of articles shown per page.

- Approve Articles
If selected, all new articles have to be approved by an admin.

- View Copyright on image
If selected, all uploaded images will show the site name.

From User list in admin section, an admin can:

Delete User

Remove a user account from the site.

Change Email

Change a user email.

Approve User

Activate a user account.

Generate a new password

Change the user password. It will be generated by the system and sent via email.

Delete Avatar

If an user have uploaded an offensive or obscene avatar, you can remove it by clicking this option.

Add an author

Choose Author

Choose the person to add from all the registered users.

Choose Role

You can choose between "Publisher" and "Admin". A publisher can only create new articles and approve comments. An article added by a publisher has to be approved by an admin.

Edit Author

From the authors table on the admin page, you can click Edit link. This will display a dropdown with the role you want to edit for the author of the same table row. After you have edited, click "Update" to save the change.

Delete Author

If you click "Delete" in the authors table, you will remove the author on the same row.
An admin or a publisher can approve any comment (optional), then it will become "approved" and visible to all users. You can also "DisApprove" a comment in a second moment, so the article will not be more shown in the site. You can edit a comment text too.

In the Admin Page clicking "Approve Comments", you will see all the comments that can be approved. Clicking on "View Comments" in the "All Articles/News" section, you will see all the comments related to a single article (approved or non-approved).


Number of comments

The number of comments shown per page.

Approve Comments

If selected, all new comments have to be approved by an admin.

Enable BBCode editor

If selected, the BBCode editor will be available when you send a comment.

Enable Anonymous Comments

If selected, unregistered users will be able to enter comments.

Create a category

Insert in the text box a category name, then click "Add". A category is used to categorize an article.
You can create a subcategory too.

Edit an existing category

In the categories section on the admin page, click the "Edit" link. This will display a textbox with the name of the category you want to edit. You can change the order too. Then click the "Update" link to save the new category name. If you insert an url, in the menu the category will be a link to that url.
You can change the "Father category" too.

Delete category

In the category table you can remove a category by clicking "Delete". If one or more articles are associated with the category you want to delete, you cannot remove it. You have to remove related articles or change the category.


Enable TopMenu

If selected, the main menu on top of every page will be shown.

Enable SideMenu

If selected, the side menu with a link to the main categories will be shown.
AllNewsManager Admin Settings
In the "Settings" section, you can customize your AllNewsManager.NET

Site Name (optional)

The name of your site. It will be shown in the page title and on the uploaded images. If there isn't a banner, the site name will be shown on top of every article. But leave blank the textbox and will not be shown.

Admin Email

Webmaster email.

Site Url

Your site url.

Enable TopBanner

You can upload a banner that will be shown on the site. You can also resize width or height or both. Leave blank a textbox for no width or height resize.

Enable Validators

If selected, validator buttons (xhtml,css,rss) will be shown at the end of the side bar.

Enable Last Articles Box

If selected, the box with last articles will be shown on the side bar.

Enable Last Comments Box

The box with last articles commented by users.

Enable Registration Captcha

If selected, all new users have to confirm a security image.

Enable Comments Captcha

If selected, all users have to type a confirm code before sending a comment.

Enable Search

If checked, the search function will be activated in the site.

Enable ArchiveMenu

If checked, the archive links will be shown in the sidebar.

View number of articles

If selected, near a month (in the archive menu) will be shown the number of related articles.

Enable Tag Box

If checked, the box with custom tag links (you can choose tag and size) will be active in the sidebar.

Enable Email Confirmation

If the check box is checked, every registered user has to be confirm the registration to activate the account. An email will be sent by the system.
If not checked, every user will be activated after the registration.

Smtp info

This information will be used to send an email for the password recovery. When updated, the web.config will change.

Site Layout

Choose BGColor

You can change the background color.

Choose Site Width

You can set up the width. 100% is the default value. You can change from % to a fixed size in pixel.


Choose from a dropdown menu the Template for AllNwesManager.NET. You can upload custom css for a new template.


Choose from a dropdown menu the Template for AllNwesManager.NET. You can upload custom css for a new template.

Image width

You can choose the width of the image related to an article.


Demo Sites

  • AllNewsManager Demo Site

    Test AllNewsManager.NET on our Demo Site.
    Log in as admin and test all the features:

    User: administrator
    Password: anm-psw

    Demo Site
  • Dnn Module

    Test AllNewsManager.NET module on our Dnn Demo Site.
    Log in and test the module:
    User: demo
    Password: demo-psw


Project on CodePlex

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