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A list of all the features of AllNewsManager.NET

Version 1.5
License Ms-RL
Cost Free
Server Requirements Windows Web Server with ASP.NET 3.5 / IIS7 or higher
Data Storage MS SQL Server
Multiple authors Yes
Comments Yes
Comment moderation Yes
Comment editor BBcode editor
Categories Multiple
Subcategories Yes
Tags Yes
Page navigation Yes
Comment RSS Yes
"Rich Text Editor" Yes. CKEditor
Articles Moderation Yes. Every article can be approved by an admin.
Search articles Yes
Highlight articles Yes
HomePage SlideShow Yes
Related articles Yes
Web based administration Yes
User administration Yes
Password recovery Yes
Localization Yes (not in dnn module)
Page generation time Yes
Image copyright Yes (optional). Write your Site name on uploaded images
Online Users Yes (optional)
Avatars Yes
"Contact us" page Yes
Latest news and comments Yes
Captcha Yes
Themes Yes (custom css file can be uploaded)
Quick and easy installation Yes
User control Yes, easy integration in any custom page of your web site.
ASP.NET Membership integration Yes, you can integrate AllNewsManager.NET in your existing web site.
XHTML 1.0 Transitional Yes
Valid CSS 2.1 Yes
Multiple Web Browser support Yes. Tested on latest version of IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari.
Technologies used C#, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, Jquery, T-SQL
User Community CodePlex

For incoming features, see the road map.
You can do requests for additional features in the forum.

Demo Sites

  • AllNewsManager Demo Site

    Test AllNewsManager.NET on our Demo Site.
    Log in as admin and test all the features:

    User: administrator
    Password: anm-psw

    Demo Site
  • Dnn Module

    Test AllNewsManager.NET module on our Dnn Demo Site.
    Log in and test the module:
    User: demo
    Password: demo-psw


Project on CodePlex

  • Follow the AllNewsManager.NET project on Codeplex.